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Would you like to:

✔️  reduce your risk of disease
✔️ manage existing disease
✔️ have more energy

✔️ attain a healthy weight
✔️ improve your mood
✔️ sleep better
✔️ improve your gut health

✔️ manage your blood sugar
✔️ lower your inflammation
✔️ … and the list goes on?

I’m here to help.

I offer traditional and email-based coaching packages along with self-paced online courses. Learn more below.

♦ Online Courses 

FREE Mini-Course
The Paleo Mindset

Looking for something FREE? Start here.

In this mini-course, I delve into the importance of mindset, the reasons that most diets fail, the problems with the current conventional models of health and dietary advice, the importance of being in sync with our environment and ultimately, why the paleo template is such a great tool for optimal health.  Take me there!

10 Week course
Paleo Lifestyle Bootcamp

Paleo Lifestyle Bootcamp is a 10 week self-paced online course about reclaiming your health through real food, clean living, exercising smarter, getting back to nature and leading a vibrant life. (Please note: The free mini-course, The Paleo Mindset, is a sneak peak at week 1 of Paleo Lifestyle Bootcamp) Take me there!

Health Coaching 

As your health coach, I will listen carefully and be accessible to you while we navigate the world of contradictory nutrition and health advice together.

Learn more about my coaching packages below or book your complimentary Discovery Call here. Wondering if you’ll “jibe” with me and my health philosophies? You can learn more in a recent blog post: My view of health in 1109 words.

Email-based Coaching Package + Paleo Lifestyle Bootcamp
12 weeks

Benefits of email-based health coaching

Enjoy the motivation and accountability of working with a health coach, with the convenience of connecting via email

So why email coaching?

  • It is less expensive and easier to use than coaching via phone, Skype or face to face;
  • You can email me anytime during the coaching package period and I’ll respond within 48 hours (but typical response is much quicker);
  • By using written words you can get detailed responses with additional links and resources;
  • For some, it’s more comfortable to spend time writing out thoughts and problems;
  • You’ll have time to think through your responses and really delve deep;
  • You can save all our email exchanges, reread and reuse them anytime you want.

Even though this package is email-based, I encourage you to book a complimentary Discovery Call so we can get a better idea if this is right for you!


Book a complimentary discovery call now

Traditional Coaching Package + Paleo Lifestyle Bootcamp
12 weeks

Prefer traditional coaching?

No problem!

A traditional coaching package includes all the benefits of email-based coaching, with the inclusion of bi-weekly phone/skype/zoom calls.

Sometimes that little extra push from this style of one-on-one support can make all the difference! I want to be your catalyst for behavioral change that lasts a lifetime.


*The quantity of calls is negotiable and therefore the price may fluctuate.

Book a complimentary discovery call now

Let’s begin your journey to health

Here’s how it will work:

I offer traditional and email-based coaching packages. All coaching packages include my signature course, Paleo Lifestyle Bootcamp.

We will follow the Paleo Lifestyle Bootcamp course structure, focusing on each week’s challenges. BUT… This coaching is for YOU. Don’t want to talk about the week’s topic? No problem. You are a unique individual and this is YOUR time to get the support you need. I’m your ear and whatever challenges you have, that’s what we will focus on!

The reason I have my coaching clients take my course is that the background knowledge I provide in the course serves as a backbone to an optimal diet and lifestyle. We then attach your unique needs to that backbone to create an individualized plan. By providing the foundational material, we can spend all of our time on up-leveling your health instead of being boggled down in details.

I’ll send weekly check-in emails to help guide discussion, but you have unlimited email access and can email anytime, anywhere. On top of emails, if you opt for a traditional coaching package, you will also receive bi-weekly phone/skype/zoom calls.

Let’s work to understand the factors influencing your health so you can get the clarity you need. What would it feel like to know you were moving forward with your health?

Book a Complimentary Discovery Call 

Are we a good fit? Let’s see!

Book a complimentary 20 minute Discovery call so we can discuss your health challenges and see if my offerings (course, email-coaching or traditional coaching) would be a good fit for you.

Book your zero-risk call today:

If the times you see do not fit your schedule, please email me and we can arrange a time that better suits your needs. You’re also welcome to email me with any and all questions you have:

*Please note: The email-based package can be booked via email, there is no requirement to get on a discovery call.