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Ania Drosnes

Hi! I'm Ania. I'm a certified Primal Health Coach and owner at Live Clean Nourish. I am passionate about health and even more passionate about the power of taking an ancestral eye to our health decisions. I believe that diet and lifestyle factors are the drivers for much of our health problems which puts YOU, the individual, in the driver's seat. Let's revolutionize what it means to be healthy and live the vibrant lives we're supposed to.

What is Live Clean Nourish you ask


Sunshine, Nature, Play, Love, Connect, Restore, Mindfulness, Purpose


Clean products, Clean Living, Clean Environment, Clean Food, Clean Ingredients


Eat Real Food, Nutrient Density , Let Food Be Thy Medicine

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All Things Paleo & Natural Health is a paleo inspired, natural minded community. We're all about sharing information to keep us healthy and on the track towards optimal health. I'd love if you joined.

What is email-based health coaching?

Health coaching is working with a guide and mentor to empower you and provide one on one support and guidance through your health journey. With email health coaching, you enjoy the motivation and accountability of working with a health coach, with the convenience of connecting via email.

I offer email-based health coaching alongside my signature program & course, Paleo Lifestyle Bootcamp. Navigating the world of contradictory nutrition and health advice is tough. But you don't have to do it alone.

"It's not about losing weight but about GAINING health"

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