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Meet Ania

Hi! I’m Ania Wiesak.

I’m a certified Primal Health Coach and owner at Live Clean Nourish and PALEOinsight. I’m passionate about health and even more passionate about the power of taking an ancestral eye to our health decisions. I believe that diet and lifestyle factors are the drivers for much of our health problems which puts YOU, the individual, in the driver’s seat.

Let’s revolutionize what it means to be healthy and live the vibrant lives we’re supposed to. Learn more about my story

Trying to get healthy?

Want to get healthy but don’t know where to start? Try my self-paced 10 week course, Paleo Lifestyle Bootcamp. Navigating the world of contradictory nutrition and health advice is tough. But you don’t have to do it alone. Learn more about getting the support you need

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PALEOinsight is a paleo news aggregator site that compiles blogs from across the paleosphere in one easy place. You’ll never run out of things to read, watch or listen to! Let the nerding begin…

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Improving gut health with resistant starch

Your microbiome is integral to your health and contributes to immune system development, nutrient bio-availability, and protection from infection. Your bacterial population is heavily influenced by your diet and is an important place to start your gut healing journey. The average Western diet is heavy in typical starches that are rapidly digested [...]

My view of health in 1109 words

Navigating the world of health is hard. There’s no one perspective and you’ll find conflicting views on just about everything. So I thought I’d make it super easy for my readers, potential coaching clients and potential students of my courses to understand who I am and what I advocate for when it [...]

What’s wrong with the paleo movement?

As a certified Primal Health Coach and paleo advocate for almost 5 years, I live and breathe the paleo world. That being said, I have my concerns. There’s one question I see asked over and over again that I believe completely misses the mark of what the paleo movement should be about… [...]

5 tips to succeed on your journey to better health

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for a health revolution. Let’s begin with some tips to help you achieve better health now and in the future. 1. It's not about losing weight, but gaining health. Stop dieting, and start lifestyling Losing weight is a poor motivator because it’s superficial and [...]

There's more to health than calorie counting and point values. Let's take our health to the next level!

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