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♥ Welcome to my paleo inspired, natural health community at Live Clean Nourish ♥

Invest in your health by ditching the diets and joining a lifestyle. It’s not about losing weight but about gaining health.

What is Live Clean Nourish, you ask?


Sunshine ♦ Nature ♦ Play ♦ Love ♦ Connect ♦ Restore ♦ Mindfulness ♦ Purpose 


Clean products ♦ Clean Living ♦ Clean Environment ♦ Clean Food ♦ Clean Ingredients


Eat Real Food ♦ Nutrient Density ♦ Let Food Be Thy Medicine

•Recent Articles•

Little known iPhone hack for better sleep

I'm more addicted to my iPhone than I care to admit. I'm fully aware that artificial blue light at night suppresses the secretion of melatonin. It's not good for our circadian rhythm, it's not good for our health, and some research even shows that it can increase the risk of major chronic diseases, including cancer. It's complicated so I won't get into the details of why you should avoid blue light at [...]

Dairy free pesto recipe

This is a guest post from Wendy at www.PlantsAreMyMedicine.com. Wendy is an herbalist and publisher who homesteads in Southern Georgia. She teaches herbs, plant medicine methods, and how to make herbal remedies for your family. Let's get to the recipe There are moments in your life when clarity of just how Alive you are comes crashing into your kitchen. Ok, well, it does for me anyway. One thing I love about living in the [...]

Primal peach pepper pork chops

The following is a summer time guest post recipe from M. Leigh from The Healthcare Maquis. Peaches are in season, and what better way to enjoy nature’s bounty than to work it into as many meals as you can, while you can. The name of this recipe is Primal Peach Pepper Pork Chops. Do not let the title fool you. It is not about the pork chops. It is not about peppers, it [...]

Why you should never use products with “fragrance”

The Short Answer: There’s no regulation on the term “fragrance,” and it usually includes volatile organic chemicals (VOC's), phthalates, and formaldehyde, all of which are linked directly to deleterious health outcomes. Stay away from this stuff! The Long Answer: According to the FDA, specific ingredients in “fragrance” and “flavor”, although complex mixtures of many different natural and synthetic chemicals, do not need to be listed because they are considered “trade secrets.” The law [...]

Top 5 “healthy” foods that aren’t healthy at all

There are many foods that people typically view as "healthy" that are far from it. There's so much misinformation out there, particularly about whole wheat products, low calorie products, and low fat products. Here are just some of the many grocery store items that are often perceived as healthy but are anything but: 1. Triscuits Triscuits sound healthy right? Let's examine the ingredients: Whole Grain Wheat: if you've read anything from me you [...]

Why the Natural Health movement isn’t so natural

Natural living and natural health are very important to me. However, in many of my natural health groups I often find that I have opposite viewpoints to a large faction of the group on a few key aspects. One is the high conspiracy woo factor, but that's for another time and place. The second is something that isn't natural at all but for some reason is toted as THE thing to do [...]

4 sources for ethical meat

In most places in America it isn't difficult to procure ethical meat. My family lives in the Denver metro area... which lucky for us is full of choices. Some of the meat we've purchased over the last few years include a ¼ cow, ½ hogs, full chickens, lamb meat by the pound and large orders of grass fed ground beef. All the animals we source come from small farms implementing sustainable practices. Our [...]

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