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♥ Welcome to my paleo inspired, natural health community at Live Clean Nourish ♥

Invest in your health by ditching the diets and joining a lifestyle. It’s not about losing weight but about gaining health.

What is Live Clean Nourish, you ask?


Sunshine ♦ Nature ♦ Play ♦ Love ♦ Connect ♦ Restore ♦ Mindfulness ♦ Purpose 


Clean products ♦ Clean Living ♦ Clean Environment ♦ Clean Food ♦ Clean Ingredients


Eat Real Food ♦ Nutrient Density ♦ Let Food Be Thy Medicine

•Recent Articles•

Paleo Sweet Potato Pad Thai!

This is a guest post from Brynn at My Sweet Potato Life. She has many wonderful recipes, so do check her out! This vegan & paleo dish has all the quintessential flavors of pad thai: lime, coconut aminos, sesame oil, peanut butter, et cetera. Let's be honest, sometimes all you want to do is faceplant into a BIG bowl of noodles, am I right? I used my handy-dandy spiralizer (which, by the way, was a birthday [...]

Clean eating on the go

I’m leaving for vacation in a few days and staying healthy is top of mind. My healthy eating lifestyle is super easy to maintain while I’m home because I’ve set up my kitchen to make it a breeze. Things aren’t always so simple when I leave the confines of my kitchen. Traveling and trying to eat real food is a struggle. Most restaurants simply serve junk, even if it’s disguised in healthy appearances. [...]

The science is not settled on GMOs

I have a lot of issues with the way the term “science” has been used to push GMO agenda over the last few years. Skeptical about GMOs? You’re anti-science. You’re now lumped in with climate change deniers. But is that fair? Hardly so. “Science” is used to prove GMOs are safe, but it’s the very same “science” showing how little we actually know. I think it should be re-phrased as: “The science that [...]

You don’t need a diet… you need a lifestyle

It’s pretty simple. “Diets” are about losing weight, not gaining health. What most people need is not a diet… but a lifestyle. Losing weight is a poor motivator because it’s superficial and assumes that there are no other reasons why one would “diet.” It’s easy to give up when motivations are superficial, more than two thirds of Americans are overweight or obese after all... it’s normal (NIH obesity stats). When you’re eating healthy [...]

3 clean living apps to reduce toxins in your household and beauty products

I find eating clean and avoiding food based toxins to be pretty straightforward. In general, if it’s packaged or there are ingredients you can’t pronounce, it’s probably not healthy. There are exceptions to the rule, but in general, it’s simple enough. Eat real food. Shopping for household, cleaning and beauty products is much less straightforward. Herbs and essential oils are generally a safe and clean addition to a product but if their scientific [...]

Can we be too clean?

Please note: This is just my opinion, please make your own conclusions. I’m not responsible for any dirt you eat as a result of this. Modern sanitation has been the impetus for ridding the world of major diseases and bacterial infections. It is LIFE SAVING, there’s no denying that. But can we be TOO CLEAN? Many people believe that your environment needs to be as clean and sanitary as possible. But did you [...]

Little known iPhone hack for better sleep

I'm more addicted to my iPhone than I care to admit. I'm fully aware that artificial blue light at night suppresses the secretion of melatonin. It's not good for our circadian rhythm, it's not good for our health, and some research even shows that it can increase the risk of major chronic diseases, including cancer. It's complicated so I won't get into the details of why you should avoid blue light at [...]

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